Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Hi, my name's Andy.  I'm the cartoonist who instigated this project, so I suppose it makes sense if I initiate the awkward smalltalk.  How are you doing?  Was the traffic bad on the way here?  Etc, etc.  

I'm a heavily-bearded writer and illustrator from southern Scotland, but based in Newcastle upon Tyne.  I illustrate for Mustard magazine and Alan Moore's Dodgem Logic, amongst other titles.  I put out comics occasionally, including the autobiographical tomes Melanchomic and Coupledom.  I am a member of the Paper Jam Comics Collective and have contributed to a number of their anthologies.

I am also one of the contributors to the initial volume of Show & Tell, with an original 7-page story entitled Madam Doreen, Medium.  Here is a preview:

Please keep checking back with the blog for more updates on the showcase.  In the meantime, if you were bored, or are a fan of puns, you might want to check out my blog.  

- Andy

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