Friday, 25 June 2010


Hi fans, I'm Gary. Let's just bypass the small talk, shall we? Good.

I'm an artist, I make comics, books and the odd sculpture here and there. A lot of my comics are set in Newcastle, including the crime fiction of Nightbus, with Chris Jones, and the superheroics of the forthcoming Sugar Glider, with Daniel Clifford. My latest output has been Grainger Street, a subjective tourist guide to one street in the Toon. I have been a member of the Paper Jam Comics Collective since day one and have contributed to every anthology the group has brought into the world. Most recently, I produced the cover for Art... and that.

For Show & Tell, I've produced a short Nightbus story, focussing on some of the comic's other characters. Here's a preview of page 1.

You like? Well head over to my blog for more stuff from me.

- Gary

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